Government Affairs and Public Policy

Autodesk advocates for public policies around the world that enable people to design and make a better world for all.

Autodesk helps innovators make the new possible

Autodesk's software and technology are used across three industries– architecture, engineering, and construction; product design and manufacturing; and media and entertainment–creating new paths to efficiency, sustainability, and growth to transform how things are made.

Our customers use our tools to design and make the greenest buildings, the cleanest cars, the most resilient infrastructure, the smartest and most advanced factories, and the most amazing stories and games using visual effects. We work with governments to promote policies that empower innovators to make the new possible.

Explore our policy priorities

  • A digitized and rendered city scape including roads, buildings, and other critical infrastructure

    News, stories, and views

    Read the latest updates, including our Policy Recommendations for the new Administration and Congress.

  • A rendered side view of a construction building with yellow scaffolding surrounded by a bridge, roads, and other buildings

    Infrastructure and innovative construction

    See how government policies can promote better infrastructure development through adoption of digital design and construction technologies.

  •  Two people inside a construction site wearing safety gear and using construction software on a tablet

    Building information modeling (BIM)

    Learn how governments are using BIM to get better outcomes on public projects.

  • A hallway of several connected databases lit up in blue

    Consumer privacy and emerging technologies

    See how we support technology policies that enhance consumer trust, provide strong privacy protections, enable innovation, and promote global trade in technology.

  • Two machines welding in a technology laboratory

    Advanced manufacturing

    See how we advocate for public policies and investments that ensure access to digital and advanced manufacturing technologies and a skilled workforce.

  • A 2D glass building with a green landscaped rooftop with pathways and solar panels

    Sustainable construction and manufacturing

    Explore how we support international efforts to build a sustainable future, by promoting measurement and reduction of carbon emissions and waste.

  • A woman in a robotics lab working in motion with a large orange robot

    Future of work

    See why we value policies that help workers share the benefits of technology by improving digital skills learning, upskilling, and career technical education.

  • Multi-colored Autodesk logo cutouts

    Diversity and belonging

    Learn how we support policies that help build a diverse and inclusive environment at Autodesk and in the industries we support.

Government Affairs & Public Policy governance 

Autodesk does not contribute to individual political candidates.  We have a longstanding global policy prohibiting contributions at any level.  This includes giving to political parties, committees, 527 groups or other independent expenditure organizations.  The company does not have a political action committee. 

We respect each other’s political beliefs and have policies against pressuring colleagues for political contributions, or to support political candidates, political parties, or ballot measures.

Rarely, Autodesk may engage on ballot measures. The use of Autodesk funds or assets for political activities anywhere in the world must be approved in advance in writing by the Chief Legal Officer and only if aligned closely with our public policy priorities which reflect the company’s interests, not those of its officers or directors. We have not contributed financially to any ballot measure in the last decade, but plan to list any contributions here should we engage on ballot initiatives in the future. 

To ensure the company’s government affairs team is promoting policies that align with our corporate values, our impact strategy and appropriately considering the risks of its policy engagement, the Board of Director’s Governance Committee annually reviews Autodesk’s Government Affairs Policy, our trade association memberships, company policy priorities and any political activity. 

Trade associations, think tanks, and other organizations

Globally, Autodesk engages with industry associations, trade groups, coalitions, professional associations and similar organizations, including with 501(c)4s, to advance important company interests and public policy goals. These organizations bring industry together to collaborate and coordinate with, educate or lobby policymakers and governments to advance common interests and develop solutions to public policy or business challenges. They may also work on industry standard setting or public policy research. We engage with organizations that reflect our values and interests and are focused on issues that are important to the company. Our participation in these organizations does not indicate that we endorse or support all the policy positions that any organization or its members choose to take. These are the organizations to which we belong that engage on public policy and/or with governments. This list is reviewed and updated annually.

Lobbying Compliance & Disclosure

As required by applicable law, Autodesk files periodic disclosure reports with the Secretary of the U.S. Senate and the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. state and local jurisdictions, and other governments globally, where required. The reports we file can be found at the following sites: 

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