Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension

Expand your Fusion 360 PCB capabilities

Improve the signal reliability of smart products with PCB electromagnetic analysis.

Video: Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension overview

Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension overview (video: 55 sec.)

What is the Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension?

The Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension, powered by Ansys, is a cost option that unlocks additional PCB/electronics signal integrity tools and capabilities inside Fusion 360, allowing you to run electromagnetic analysis on critical signals within your PCB.

The Signal Integrity Extension enables product designers and engineers to inspect and resolve issues with PCB signals early in the design phase to improve product EMC and EMI (Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference) testing compliance, reduce costly physical PCB testing and prototyping, and accelerate development.

Benefits of the Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension

Make reliable products

Discover how to improve your high-speed PCB design compliance with EMI and EMC testing standards with PCB signal integrity tools available in Fusion 360.

Accelerate development cycle

Improve your product development process by virtualizing electromagnetic analysis and simulation early within PCB design workflow.

Lower physical testing costs

Minimize costly physical PCB prototyping and boards re-spins with access to your design’s electromagnetic signal performance.

Included Signal Integrity Tools

Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension features

PCB Impedance matching

Manage and control the impedance for every critical signal throughout your board for an optimal high speed design performance.

Signal Integrity insights

Analyze your design signals to inspect parameters that characterize high speed design such as signal delays, trace length, impedance, and coupling.

Simple configuration

With simple input parameters and configuration, PCB engineers can select signals of interest for quick on-demand analysis.

Visual violation flagging

Easily and visually identify any potential signal impedance or coupling issues with a superimposed color-coded overlay on your 2D PCB design.

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FUSION 360 Signal Integrity EXTENSION

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Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension?

The Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension is a cost-option signal integrity simulation and analysis service powered by Ansys technology that, when purchased, unlocks insights into the PCB design impacts on performance through information around signal length, impedance, inductance, resistance, delay and more. Extensions provide a flexible, cost-effective way for you to access more advanced technology in line with your changing business needs.

What is included with Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension?

The Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension unlocks advanced insights into PCB/electronics electromagnetic performance that can help identify potential high-speed PCB design issues, such as impedance mismatching and signal delay issues, then resolve and validate them quickly to help achieve first-pass success in PCB, including:

  • On-demand PCB signal integrity analysis
  • Signal impedance matching analysis
  • Signal delays, trace length, & coupling insights
  • Visual violation flagging

Can I use the Signal Integrity Extension without Fusion 360?

The Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension can only be used with Fusion 360 and only within the Fusion 360 electronics workspace.

How do I access the Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension?

The Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension is available wherever Fusion 360 is sold and can be accessed using different payment methods to suit your business needs, including monthly and yearly options. Learn more about purchasing Fusion 360 extensions

How do I trial the Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension?

A 14-day free trial is available for the Signal Integrity Extension, Machining Extension, Product Design Extension, Simulation Extension, Nesting & Fabrication Extension, Additive Build Extension, and Generative Design Extension. Click here to download a free trial.

How does the Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension differ to stand-alone tools of similar functionality or add-ins?

The Signal Integrity Extension, developed by Autodesk and powered by Ansys technology, offers the ability to unlock additional PCB design capabilities for when you need them. By comparison, stand-alone programs tend to be point solutions that are intended to provide simulation capability in its out environment while the signal integrity extensions provides the ability to gain powerful signal quality insights in line with PCB design workflows in the same environment that the designs take place providing feedback into product performance while it is being designed empowering the user with more information earlier in the design cycle and more confidence that their design will work. By further comparison, add-ins tend to be point solutions, developed by 3rd parties, that connect to the Fusion 360 API to solve a specific problem. Add-ins are less powerful and more likely to become obsolete if the 3rd party fails to update them.

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