Fusion 360 Simulation Extension

Make better products with the Simulation Extension 

Test the manufacturability of designs with structural or thermal simulations and more.

Video: Fusion 360 Simulation overview

Fusion 360 Simulation Extension overview (video: 44 sec.)

What is the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension?

The Fusion 360 Simulation Extension lets your team analyze performance and manufacturability.

Simulation study types help with understanding how your 3D designs perform under real-life conditions before manufacturing anything.

Explore structural, thermal, and explicit simulation tools, including injection molding, for manufacturing insights.

Benefits of the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension 

Access to diverse simulations

Simulate what you need with access to a wide range of advanced finite element analysis (FEA) simulation capabilities that use trusted solvers from matured simulation software. 

Uncomplicate simulation CAD models

Simplify your simulation CAD models and simulation studies. Compare design changes and revisions without the need to export models. 

Ensure plastic part moldability

Detect and visualize moldability. Predict the quality of injection-molded plastic parts. Use design change recommendations to inform your 3D designs. 

Simulation Features

Fusion 360 Simulation Extension features

Injection molding simulation

Run simulations to identify how part design influences part manufacturability and part quality for plastic injection molded parts.

Non-linear static stress

Simulate large deformation, motion, contact, and load change behaviors on nonlinear materials.

Event simulation

Predict how time-dependent forces influence 3D design performance. 

Thermal steady state

Trace heat transfer to understand if your part may fail based on the maximum critical temperature.

Modal frequencies

Inspect the effects of natural, free vibration on your part or assembly to help you fine-tune your design. 

Structural buckling

With insights like the critical buckling multiplier, develop and refine designs to prevent structural failure. 

Thermal stress

Simulate temperature-induced stresses and varying thermal expansion characteristics of materials in the model. 

Shape optimization

Achieve lightweight design goals by identifying and removing material from your designs.

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Fusion 360 Simulation Extension

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Simulation Extension Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension?

The Fusion 360 Simulation Extension is a set of simulation study types to help you evaluate how well your 3D design will perform and how easy it can be made.  


Analyze the performance and manufacturability of your 3D designs to ensure they will meet the demands of real-world conditions with structural, thermal, and explicit simulation tools.


The Simulation Extension also includes injection molding simulation studies to help you in gaining plastic injection molding manufacturing insights for your 3D design.

How do I trial the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension?

A 14-day, free trial is available for the Machining Extension, Product Design Extension, Simulation Extension, Nesting & Fabrication Extension, Additive Build Extension, and Generative Design Extension. Click here to download a free trial.

What is included in the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension?

The Fusion 360 Simulation Extension unlocks key insights of product design performance and quality through mechanical, structural, and injection molding analysis tools including:

  • Non-linear static stress
  • Event simulation
  • Modal frequencies
  • Injection molding simulation (mold filling, part quality, guided results)
  • Structural buckling
  • Thermal steady state
  • Thermal stress
  • Shape optimization

How do you access the Simulation Extension in Fusion 360?

The Fusion 360 Simulation Extension can be accessed using different payment methods to suit your business needs. For ongoing access, subscribe to the extension for 1-month or 1-year.

How does the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension differ to stand-alone simulation programs?

The extension, developed by Autodesk, offers flex access to unlock professional grade tools as and when you need them. By comparison, stand-alone simulation programs tend to be point solutions, intended to provide limited simulation capability. Having access to various simulation studies within your CAD program promotes more insight into the part design while you design it.

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